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Generations come and go. They leave behind the artefacts they made and used as well as images of themselves. The museum collects these portraits in the same way that written documents associated with historical figures are collected by state archives. While in the Late Middle Ages it was mainly benefactors who had their portraits painted, and in the Baroque period members of important families, the custom became more commonplace among the bourgeoisie from the end of the 18th century. The Zug artist Franz Josef Menteler (1777-1833) painted more than 800 portraits in total, and this number would later be superceded by the portrait artist Josef Stocker (1825-1908), who painted as many as 1800 portraits. The extensive portrait collection reflects Zug society over a period of several centuries.

Portait archive – in remembrance of our ancestors
The project aims to build a database containing personal portraits of our ancestors. The objective of the portrait archive is to record personal pictures with names and biographical data for posterity. The archive is a participatory platform similar to Wikipedia. All are encouraged to upload pictures and data, to save them, or to use the search function to find a particular picture among tens of thousands of entries.

The collections of the Zug Castle Museum include many deathbed portraits from Zug families that are contained in the portrait archive.

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