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Maria Himmelfahrt, 
15. August, 10-17 h

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Children under 16 free
First Wednesday every month free

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We recommend a visit with an accompanying person.

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Permanent exhibition

A journey of discovery through the Castle with its many nooks and crannies and small rooms offers a variety of insights into the cultural history of Zug. Inspired by the changing ambiences, the creators of the exhibition chose a seperate topic for each room and they all offer different experiences to the Castle's visitors. Objects from the collections, interactive stations, short texts and various questions asked by a little girl called Lili provide a vast array of exciting and interesting information about the lives of the people that lived in Zug over the past five hundred years. Atmospheric stagings and even a controversial love affair invite visitors to delve into the past.
Design your own wallpaper, play a game with an old deck of cards or look at a model of Zug to track the rapid development of the city from a sleepy fishing village to an industrial and commercial centre of international renown. The permanent exhibition was created in 2013 to celebrate the museum's 30-year anniversary.

In the interest of safety the permanent exhibition incl. the children’s storey can only be visited by a maximum of 50 persons at any given time.

The exhibition was supported by:

Prof. Otto Beisheim-Foundation, Baar
Friends of Zug Castle

Catholic Parish Baar
Catholic Parish Zug


Director: Daniela Ball

Concept and realisation: Mathilde Tobler, exhibition curator
Planning and realisation design: Paul Lipp, designer
Planning and realisation extension city model: Daniela Ball, director
Education and outreach: Claudia Beer, head of department Education and outreach, and staff
Exhibition installation: Zug Castle Museum staff and Reto Leuthold's team

Authors: Beat Aeberhard, Uta Bergmann, Adriano Boschetti, Stephen Doswald, Beat Frei, Thomas Glauser, Toni Hofmann, Regula Kaiser, Harald Klein, Peter Meier-Gyger, Renato Morosoli, Michael van Orsouw, Nicole Pfister Fetz, Viktor Ruckstuhl, Hermann Schöpfer, Mathilde Tobler, Fritz Wagner
Copy editing: Mirjam Weiss, Zug
English translations: prehistrans, Sandy Hämmerle, Galway (Ireland)

Graphics: Atelier Regula Meier, Zug
Illustration "LILI": Mara Berger, Basel
Public relations: Lohm Kommunikation, Evelyne Lohm, Meisterschwanden

Advertising: Atelier s&g, Cham
Multi-media production: infoSnake GmbH, Zug; PZ-Muldimedia, Basel; Anex & Roth, Basel
Documentaries: Ursula Jones-Trösch, Zug; MOTIONproduction, Rothenburg
Consultancy: Magnus Roth, Anex & Roth, Basel
Display cases: Böhm Präsentationstechnik, Tägerwilen
Lighting: Licht- und Raumgestaltung Liz Hurni; mati AG, Adliswil

Lending institutions: Amt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologie Zug; Bürgergemeinde Zug; Einwohnergemeinde Baar; Erbengemeinschaft Wyss, Wartstein; Gottfried Keller-Stiftung; Kanton Zug, Kantonales Gymnasium Menzingen; Katholische Kirchgemeinde Baar; Katholische Kirchgemeinde Menzingen; Katholische Kirchgemeinde Neuheim; Katholische Kirchgemeinde Unterägeri; Katholische Kirchgemeinde Zug; Kloster Maria Opferung, Zug; Schloss St. Andreas, Cham; Stadt Zug; private lenders