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The funding body of the museum is the "Zug Castle Museum Foundation". It is a foundation under public law with the purpose of operating a museum in the castle buildings owned by Canton Zug, thus providing an insight into all periods of Zug's history and culture.

The Foundation was established in 1975 by the Canton and City of Zug, and by the Civic Community of Zug and Zug Cooperation. The Museum Burg Zug regularly receives financial support from: Canton Zug, the City of Zug, Zug Corporation, the Burgher Commune of Zug and the other municipalities of Canton Zug.

There is a performance agreement between the Museum Burg Zug Foundation and the Canton and City of Zug on the principles of running the museum. An essential part of the performance mandate is to run Zug Castle as an active and popular museum.

Foundation board

Corinna Müller, lic. phil.,  president
Nicole Pfister Fetz, lic. phil., vice-president
Thomas Baggenstos, MSc ETH Arch
Adrian Andermatt, Dr. iur.
Monika Ulrich-Meier
Judith Müller, lic. iur.

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