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Children & families

The castle for children and families

The Museum Burg Zug is a great destination for families. The permanent and also the special exhibition offer various age-appropriate activities.

The castle bag | for children aged 4 to 7
Equipped with the yellow castle bag, children can discover the permanent exhibition in a playful and age-appropriate way. Whether by smelling the various fragrances in the historical chemist's shop or singing the shoemakers’ song, this tour appeals to all senses. Parents are recommended to accompany their children.

Discover the permanent exhibition | with the Lili fan for children from 7 to 9 years old
Find the cartoon girl Lili in the various rooms of the castle and learn exciting things about its history. The children are also allowed to put on a knight's armour including chain mail and helmet - not as easy as it looks!

Digital offers | for children aged 8 and over
Help, the cartoon girl Lili is trapped in a time vortex! Free her by exploring the museum with the Actionbound app and solving the puzzles to save her.

Don't feel like a treasure hunt? Then Lili will show you her view of the museum and the permanent exhibition in the podcast. Visit her favourite objects with her. After your visit to the museum, «Frölein Lisi» will take you on a creative journey through time in her video. You can find more information here.

Children's area

In the children's room there is plenty of space for building castles, dressing up (whether as a knight or princess) and even for playful duels with sword and shield. The creative studio in the attic invites children to explore, craft and relax.

Please note: When children's birthday parties are taking place (possible on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm), the children’s area and the studio are temporarily closed. We thank you for your understanding. There are NO children's birthday parties on free Wednesdays (every 1st Wednesday of the month) - children are guaranteed to be able to play on this day.

Guided tours for families

Accompany a medieval maid and the servant girl «Babette» through the castle and listen to the amusing anecdotes, which are peppered with a pinch of drama. Learn more about the history of the former inhabitants of the castle and the town of Zug in an entertaining way. The tour is aimed at families with children aged 5 and over who want to learn about history in a new and lively way. Interactive elements such as a spontaneous dance lesson or trying on a thumbscrew (who dares?) ensure that everyone is carried away by the spectacle.

The tour is offered in German only. 

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