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Children's Birthdays at the Museum Burg Zug

Children's birthday party in the castle
Whether it's experiencing the "ghost hour in the castle", feeling at home "with the knights", discovering the "magic of the mermaid", immersing yourself in the time of "Once upon a time ...", following in the footsteps of "Arthur the castle rat" or simply being "princesses" with friends: Celebrating a birthday in the castle is a special experience for the birthday child and his or her guests.

Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

For children from 6 to 9 years

Number of participants
Maximum 10 children (incl. birthday child)

CHF 250 incl. snack; incl. two accompanying adults

The children's birthday parties are held exclusively in German.

Advice and registration
041 728 29 70 or 
Registration at least 4 weeks in advance
For additional information, please see our fee schedule.

Choose your topic!

The witching hour

Who is that howling through the castle at midnight? Could it be the little ghost of the castle? He is happy to have lots of little comrades to keep him company in the castle. Dressed up as ghosts, the children learn more about the life of ghosts through a story and help the castle ghost to find his keys. These were lost in the museum. After a successful search, the birthday child is allowed to eat the cake and unwrap his presents. And so that the children remember the nice castle ghost for a long time to come, they make a souvenir to take home afterwards. 


Visit the knights

The birthday child and his or her friends can feel like knights. Dressed in a tabard, the children are immersed in the Middle Ages, learn how knights lived and see for themselves how heavy the knight equipment is. At the subsequent knights' banquet, cakes are eaten and presents unwrapped. And to make sure that the knights' afternoon is remembered for a long time, the little knights can make a souvenir afterwards. 


The magical mermaid

Do you hear the mermaid singing from the shell? What is she singing? Is she perhaps telling you about the sailors who inhabit Lake Zug? The children listen to the legend of the mermaid from Lake Zug, which originated almost 600 years ago, and are allowed to dress up as water kings, mermaids and sea queens or sea youths. The children will then get to the bottom of the legend and explore the mermaid's magic potion before tasting the potion and cake themselves and the birthday boy or girl will be allowed to unwrap their presents. To make the afternoon unforgettable, each of the young sailors gets to make a souvenir to take home. 

Once upon a time...

If you like listening to fairy tales, you've come to the right place. Everything revolves around the fairy tale "The Dancing Shoes" by the Brothers Grimm. The children dive into the world of princes and princesses. Where do their shoes come from? In the shoemaker's workshop, the children learn more about what shoes used to look like, what funny shapes they had depending on the fashion and who made or mended them. Afterwards, the children taste the delicious cake and the birthday boy or girl can unwrap their presents. And so that the fairy tale afternoon is not forgotten so soon, the children can make their own souvenir.

Arthus the castle rat

Arthur is happy about every visit to the castle. He used to live in the «Zytturm». He will tell you himself why he moved to the castle. Here, on the way through the permanent exhibition, he introduces you to his animal castle friends and you learn a lot about all kinds of animals: the lion peers from the ceiling, unicorns jump through the windows and the armadillo - yes, I wonder what the armadillo is doing here? 
Since rats are curious and greedy by nature, Arthur is always looking forward to unwrapping presents and eating cake. Finally, each child gets to make a souvenir so that Arthur will be remembered for a long time. 


Haven't you always wanted to be a real princess? But did you know that princesses, princes and nobles had to follow certain rules? The children learn what advantages noblemen once enjoyed and how they dressed and acted. Of course, the appropriate disguise is not to be missed and the fine ladies and gentlemen are allowed to slip into their costumes. Those who want to can apply the rules of etiquette they have learned while eating cake, greet their mothers with a kiss on the hand and present them with a fragrant souvenir. 


Vouchers for children's birthday parties at Museum Burg Zug can be ordered online here:

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