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Special exhibition

"Is everything all right? Stories from the collection"
2nd November 2023 – 1st September 2024

What happens to all the objects that we surround ourselves with? What effect do they have on us? Many of us feel the need to collect things, to organize them and put them on display. They remind us of past times, help us to structure our knowledge, and trigger emotions. In short: we use these things to make the world our own.

Some 50,000 such objects lie dormant in the collection of the Museum Burg Zug. They offer us a way to look back at history and serve as stores of extensive knowledge. But what memories, what knowledge should the museum preserve? How did the objects find their way into the collection? And how does the museum treat them, how and why are they looked after and stored for future generations?

The exhibition entitled “Is everything all right? Stories from the collection” examines these questions and tries to find answers by showing a cross-section of the treasures that are usually hidden away. It puts groups of objects together that would not normally be seen together. This creates new contexts, viewpoints and narratives. Some objects will tell their own stories. Each will allow us to add to our knowledge and create new meanings which will open up new doors and insights into the past. The multitude of stories will add to our understanding of the present. Listen to the objects and let yourself be inspired.

The flyer of the exhibition can be found here.


Children and families

Who can find out how the women came across the Jass cards? Is that really an old Mac computer? Why is everything here red? And how did all these objects get into the museum? The answers to all these questions are hidden in the exhibition "Is everything all right? Stories from the collection".

Children and the young at heart can open the safes in the exhibition with a bunch of keys. Exciting questions and tasks await inside. Smell, colour, listen, puzzle, arrange, play, draw or simply marvel - children experience and discover the exhibition with all their senses.

The children's activities are located directly in the special exhibition and in the workshop on the top floor. Events for children and families around the special exhibition can be found in the events calendar.

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